Soroti Cricket Academy to provide meals for players, community

Faith Kiai
Journalist @New Vision
Jul 13, 2021

Soroti Cricket Academy (SCA) is in the business of making a difference and this time they will partner with Feed a Million Mouths International (FAMMI) Uganda to deliver meals to families in Soroti during the lockdown.

“Today is yet another big day for SCA and FAMMI Uganda as this time round FAMMI provided 2.4 tons of nutritious NRG extra for our cricketers, their families, and the teachers who have worked with us during the lockdown,” read a statement from SCA.

This charitable move fits in with the cricket club's ethos which has seen it make a huge difference to the community. Since 2014 the SCA has been conducting cricket coaching with cricketers from slum settlements or from urban poor families and has enjoyed the success that has enabled the club to grow.

The academy’s vast programs have not only helped grow cricket among members of the community but it has also been involved in efforts to improve literacy rate, reducing the rate of dropping out of school, combating gender-based violence, early marriage, and counselling.

FAMMI Uganda founder Mark Montgomery said the organisation was founded on the belief that “even though one person cannot change the world, you can change the world for one person.”

The organisation has manifested this belief in its drive to feed 1 million vulnerable people in 3 years, following extensive research.

They came up with a highly nutritious high fibre pride meal called NRG Xtra that has the ability to keep one sufficiently satisfied and still avail all nutritional benefits. This innovation has proven to be an effective solution in vulnerable communities where accessing food is difficult.

The partnership between FAMMI and SCA will see to it that 500 households are fed for the next six months, a move that will make a difference during these tough times.

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