Messi transfer saga: How it happened

By Admin

Since the start of the summer transfer window, the world of football has been full of transfer rumors.

While some deals have been sealed, football teams across Europe's top flights remain busy trying to bolster different positions. Take, for example, a team such as Chelsea that has gone all out to spend on some of the best players. Then there are teams that have been rocked by management woes, sacking one manager after the other.

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In the Spanish La Liga, the world has been treated to a rare spectacle when it comes to placing a transfer request. Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the world's best soccer player presently. Having joined Barcelona as a teenager who would then become a football wizard, not many would have anticipated a transfer situation that escalated a few weeks ago. Soccer lovers, especially ardent followers of Messi have been asking questions. What would have caused the football giant to want an out? Well, according to soccer pundits, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Fractured relationship with Barcelona president

Today, the success of any football team falls squarely on top management. Good management has a direct impact on the performance of players. However, according to reports in Spain, management of Barcelona has been chaotic, something that forced Messi to hand it a transfer request. The soccer great voiced his displeasure with Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu and many soccer pundits, including former players seemed to be in agreement.

Lack of squad depth

After losing 8-2 to Bayern in the Champions League quarterfinals, everything went south for Barcelona. It was the worst defeat Lionel Messi has suffered in his professional football career. While some Barcelona players expressed confidence before the match, it wasn't to be the on the pitch as a well dug out Bayern cruised to a comfortable win. Lack of transfer activity and poor team management seemed to have caused Barcelona such a huge defeat. The quality that once existed around Lionel Messi is no more, and staying in such only meant more defeats were in the offing.

A controversial transfer clause

While it seems Barcelona have finally succeeded in convincing their best player to stay, a lot of changes must happen if they want to get back to winning ways. Before agreeing to stay for another season citing respect for a club he loves, Messi remained adamant about leaving for a destination that remained speculative. Having worked with Pep Guardiola, transfer rumor mills had it that Manchester City was the likely destination for Barcelona's greatest player.

However, before any such negotiations could start, Barcelona unleashed a controversial clause that would see Messi priced away for a cost above 700 million pounds. No team would have wanted to pay such a huge amount of money, especially at a time when football teams are cash-strapped after the restart. We can only wait and see if Messi will want to leave for another team after continuing to play this season with Barcelona. For some, it is politics.