Nyege Nyege 2023: Dr. Kasenene forced to stay in his lane

Ahmad Muto
Writer @New Vision
Nov 10, 2023

City medical doctor and nutritionist/dietician Dr. Kasenene whose tweets once stirred conversation about eating healthy before taking a radical turn giving off a “don’t eat anything” kind of vibe set himself up.

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, he crossed the line when he added Nyege Nyege to his list of unhealthy breakfast options.

He took to X to share his opinion on the festival, not about what not to eat, but about the signature Nyege Nyege symbol. According to him, it screams “ruining souls.”

“Nyege Nyege may be good for the economy, but what good is that if people lose their souls. Just looking at those faces/icons that symbolize the event, and you just know that going to Nyege Nyege will ruin your soul. Be wise. Think about what is good for your soul.”

It came a day after the minister for East African Affairs, Rebecca Kadaga declared the festival open after a tour of the venue.

She responded to Kasenene, challenging him to consider visiting the Nyege Nyege before giving opinion, and also wondered why the doctor does not give the same energy to the many other events/ festivals that happen in Kampala.

“Dr Kasenene. You should take time and visit the venue yourself. Why Haven’t you given “advisory” to the Goat Races, blankets and wine. And the many festivals in Kampala?”

Another avid fan of the festival replied: “Doc, you are my person and I can say this to you! This is not right!!! In our Afro traditions we had masks and they symbolized our heritage. For you to come with your sensational idea of what morals are is utterly ridiculous and NONSENSE!! By the time I said this, I recognized that you had crossed the line! Let’s stick to diet bro.”

The pressure mounted on Kasenene compelled him to delete the tweet by midday, Friday, November 10.

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